About Us

Furreal Botanicals

“Born like many businesses, out of necessity, we had pets who needed real relief for various conditions and wanted to give them a product we trusted and knew it could help them in their healing process. We couldn’t find it, so we created it!”

Furreal Botanicals is a premium supplier of Hemp-derived products designed with animals in mind. all manufactured in the USA. Our products can help your lovely animals in a wide range of conditions or ailments.

Dedicated in providing clean and safe natural hemp-based products that are grown by US based licensed and certified farms. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality and purest CBD wellness for every pet.

Every ingredient that goes into the production of our supplements are carefully selected to support healing and wellbeing for the animals body and mind. Whether you need CBD to treat inflammation or allergy in your pet, we are here to help.

The products we sell are all below <.3%THC and are derived from certified industrial hemp. With all the people associated with us we have over 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, plant extractions and producing cannabis-based products. As a team full of passionate animals lovers and cannabis enthusiasts, we strive to serve your pet in a way that eases them from various health conditions sometimes without expensive medications and harsh Sid effects.

Countless pet owners have spoken to the benefits of CBD oil in helping with emotional and physical ailments in their animals. Pet owners know that CBD can help ease pain, but it can also help with easing pet anxiety and separation anxiety, a common ailment in pets. Our organic CBD has a wide range of benefits for animals

Our Story

Furreal Botanicals started with the desire to serve our beautiful animals, and to help pet owners treat their furry family naturally without expensive medications or harsh sid effects. This is what led us to Furreal Botanicals. The business is employee owned and managed by Jasmin and her fiancé Andrew.

Our Goal

Furreal Botanicals aims to become one of the most trusted wholesale suppliers in providing CBD specifically tailored with animals in mind. We wish to ship our products internationally and grow our clientele by partnering up with different small businesses, organizations and influencers in and outside of the USA so that it can help further educate people on what this plant can do all of us.